Implant Dentures

What You Need To Know About Immediate And Implant Dentures

If you are considering dentures there are a variety of options available today. Before you decide on an option it is always advisable to consult with a dentist that specializes in this field to educate you about the denture processes and which one is right for you. Here is information on immediate and implant dentures.

Immediate Dentures

The immediate dentures are the type that is inserted as soon as your remaining teeth have been removed. In order for this to be a possibility, the denturist will take measurements and will make a model of your jaw during your first consultation. One of the advantages of the immediate dentures will mean that you will still have teeth even during the process of healing.

However, it is important to realize that the gums and bones may shrink, particularly during the initial stages of healing that occur over 8 to 12 months once your teeth have been removed. When your gums start to shrink, your immediate dentures will need temporary liners so that they fit correctly. These liners will be placed by your denturist on a monthly basis. Once your tissues have healed completely your permanent reline is made at your denturist’s office.

Implant Dentures

The implant dentures are one of the more permanent solutions when it comes to tooth loss. This process will involve the implantation of metal posts inside your jaw bone and then attaching either a single or a series or set of teeth to these posts. They are different from the full dentures due to the fact that they will be set into your teeth compared to just glued onto your gum line.

Some patients do find it difficult to wear these dentures on their lower jaw only and this is the reason they choose implants. This is because they are a lot more stable and positioned into place and are able to act and feel like real teeth.

These dentures can even undergo staining so that they match up to the tooth shade of your existing teeth. Most patients find that with implant dentures they are able to chew food and bite down properly. These dentures can still be removed, which assists in keeping your dentures clean and ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal. These denture implants are also able to save the gum tissue and offer a more stable and better bite which aids in digestions as well as nutrition.

These dentures will not slide around like the traditional dentures do which makes them the ideal choice for those patients that are in search of a more stable and natural feel. When compared to all the other denture types, they are ultimately the best in regards to longevity and durability.

About Overdentures

The overdentures are the newer alternatives when it comes to dentures and combine the traditional type denture technology with more modern advancements associated with dental implants.

This is possible by the establishment of 2 implanted attachments into the lower jaw, which enables the overdenture to be positioned securely which instantly increases comfort, stability and retention. This happens to be particularly important for the full-denture, lower jaw situations whereby traditional dentures have less adhesion caused by limited foundations as well as the tongue muscle that dislodges these prosthetic teeth.

Another advantage of the overdentures when compared to the traditional dentures is that bone loss is limited where implants are positioned, which guarantees a more successful outcome in assisting to preserve the facial-structural integrity.

Overall, when having to consider full dentures when it comes to the lower jaw, the choice of an overdenture must first be discussed with a dental professional. This option can offer a long-lasting, effective and satisfying alternative. Traditional partial and full denture choices must be researched and explored in the way of weighing up their pitfalls and benefits carefully in order to arrive at the right type of denture choice to match up to the teeth you have lost.

Making the decision on dentures is never an easy one and you need to ensure you have chosen a dental practice that is experienced and can explain the processes to you in a way that is easy to understand.

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